Wanna play classical, country or folk music?

The acoustic guitar is the standard for all guitars. When people hear the word “guitar” they instantly think of an acoustic guitar.
The modern acoustic guitars as we know them evolved during the nineteenth century and haven’t changed much since then.

The acoustic guitar is really one of the most versatile instrument available and can be heard in almost any music genre. It’s perfect for playing classical music, blues or flamenco, folk or country. Even genres like pop and rock can’t do without this instrument.
No matter what genre music, the acoustic guitar is always at it’s place.

The term “acoustic” guitar applies for all guitars which are non-amplified. Basically it means any guitar with steel or nylon strings. You can play an accoutic guitar with your fingers (like most classical players) or use a plectrum.

The overall sound of an acoustic guitar is rich and warm. Using steel strings gives you more volume over nylon strings. With nylon strings you will get a more warm tone. Classical guitars are mostly played with nylon strings, as spanish guitars and country guitars are moste played on with steel strings.

On the internet you can find lot’s of great internet stores who sell quality acoustic guitars of many recognized brand names. Manufacturers like Gibson, Takamine, Ibanez etc, make quality instruments which will last a lifetime.