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guitar instruction/video’s

Guitar Instruction/Videos – Take your playing skills to the next level

Most beginning guitarists have great ambitions, they wanna be the greatest and wanna master their instrument like noone else does. That’s ofcourse great, but like any other thing, one must start at the beginning

Whether you are an absolute beginner, starting fresh out with your new instrument, or you are already an intermediate or even advanced player, anybody who wants to improve their abilities when it comes to playing the guitar can benefit greatly from all kinds of instruction and learning material.

Learn it from the pros.

So when you are determined to bring your guitar playing to the next level, you might consider buying some instruction material. Books or videos, they all provide you with the learning material to expand your current abilities.

Famous learning series like the Hall Leonard Guitar Series, have helped thousands of players improve their skills.

Many of these instruction books or videos are written by the most experienced guitar players in the field. Even some of the world’s most famous guitar hero’s like the ones of Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck or Keith Richards have made their own instruction videos.

So if you want to speed things up a bit, why not learn from the pros..!

Instruction material is available for all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can always improve your playing and fine tune your techniques.

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guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories – Everything You’ll Ever Need

There are many guitar accessories available for your instrument. Some of them you will need, other you don’t.
When it comes to accessories think of picks, slides, straps, guitar tuners, stands, cables, pickups, music stands, cleaning and care products and so on.

Many of these accessories are not expensive but can be very handy. Just think for example how easy it is to put your guitar on a stand after playing, rather than putting it in the corner of your room against the wall…

Which guitar accessories do you need?

When you are serious about your guitar, you can’t do without a quality guitar stand. You just owe it to your instrument! Even cleaning products are important for keeping your investment in good shape.

Of course you will need some picks, but the need for capos and slides all depend on your playing style. A strap comes in handy if you want to play your guitar while standing and maybe even play life in front of a crowd.

If you want to play right of sheet music, well…a good music stand would be a good idea. You can’t do without some cables if you like to play through an amplifier and a guitar tuner is great for beginners who don’t yet have the ability to tune their guitar “by ear”.

As you can see, some accessories you will defenately need and others you don’t.

Guitar pickups

Pickups are a story on their own. Not only do you have to buy new pickups when they are broken, which will not happen normally, but changing pickups will give your guitar a complete other tone.
How about changing your single coil pickups for some screaming humbuckers..? Wow, how’s that for a change!

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guitar strings

Guitar Strings – Can’t Live Without Them.

What tires are for your car, are strings for your guitar..! As guitars are all stringed instruments, the guitar strings are an essential part of the guitar. And not only for the guitar itself (how would you play your guitar without any strings on it..?) but also for the sound of it.

Some top manufacturers of guitar strings are D’Addario, Ernie Ball, GHS, Fender, Gibson, Dean Markley and Martin & Co. They all produce top quality strings and can be bought with almost every music store.

Don’t under estimate the importance of using top quality strings. Many experienced players will agree that using new strings will noticably improve the sound of their guitar. This fact is often overlooked by guitarists. Before blaming your guitar, pickups or you amp for having a bad sound, you really should consider to try out a new set of strings. You will be amazed with the result!

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guitar & bass effects

Guitar Effects – To Create Your Own Tone

Guitar effects are cool! They provide you with all the tools to create all kinds of sound effects to adjust or alter your tone. They will help you getting that unique tone you are looking for. Having “your own sound” is something every musician wants, it sets you apart from the rest!

When you are looking for extra sound effects or maybe you are looking for your first ever effects processor, you will find there are dozens of different effects available. So before choosing your new effect pedal, you must know what kind of effect you’re looking for.

Single, or Multi Effects..?

Guitar effect units are available in many forms, powerfull muliieffect rack units, multi-effect floor units and simple single effect stomp boxes.

Digital effects have been on the market for many years, however over the recent years they have stepped into a new realm of digital modeling.
Some amplifier manufacturers have even included digital effect in their amplifiers (digital modeling amplifiers). Good examples are the range of amplifiers produced by companies like Line6, Yamaha and Digitech.

So before choosing the perfect effect unit, you must know what you want. There are so many effect available, like chorus, flanger, vibrato, delay, compression, tremolo, swell and many others. Most of these units are solid build, especially the stompboxes and floor units. In most cases they will last you a lifetime.

The main advantage of a multi effect unit over a single effect unit is not only that you will get a dozen of effect is one unit, but you’ll also have the possibility to combine different effects together. This will give you almost unlimited options in creating your own sound and tone!

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guitar amplifiers

Guitar Amplifiers – “Let’s Get Loud!”

Wanna get loud…? Plug your guitar into a guitar amplifier and crank up the volume! When playing an electric or bass guitar the first must-have is a decent amplifier. They will ensure that the music you play has the quality sound you want.

Because of the wide range of amplifiers available, picking the right one which suits your needs is definately not easy. Therefore we have done some research for you to make things easier.

Well known brand names like Marshall, Crate, Hughes & Kettner, Randall, Line6 and Mesa Boogie all produce top notch quality products and are easy to find when visiting online music stores.

Before we recommend a few good music stores where you can get all the detailled information about you favorite amp lets look at the different kinds of guitar amps availabe.

Which guitar amplifier is best for you?

Guitar amplifiers come in two main forms and in four different types.
The first form is the combo amplifier, which contains both the amplifier and the loudspeakers in one single unit. This kind of amplifier is often very compact and therefor very portable and easy to transport.
The other form is an amplifier stack, which consists of a separate amplifier and one or more separate loudspeakers (cabinets). They are connected to each other with cables. The main advantage of a stack over a combo is that with a stack you can use more loudspeakers and thus have more overall volume.

The first type of amplifier is the solid state amplifier, which uses transistors for thier preamp and power sections. This makes them very reliable. Solid state amplifiers rarely need repairs. These amps produce a very clean tone and are great for using in combination with sound effects.

The second type are tube amplifiers. These are powered by vacuum tubes and produce a more fat and distinct tone compared to solid state amplifiers.
They are more expensive and difficult to repair, but their tone is preffered by many musicians.

Another type is the hybrid amplifier. This kind of guitar amp combines the best of the former two types into one amplifier. They use a transistor in the power section and tubes in the preamp section. This construction will give you tht tone of a tube amplifier and the endurability of a solid state amp.

The fourth and last type are the modeling amplifiers. These kind of amp are quite new on the market compared to the former three. They use digital processors to simulate the tone and sound of many different kind of amplifiers. They have often many build in digital effects like chorus, flanger, delay, compression etc. They are an all-in-one package and great to play around with.

We know it is hard to determine which guitar amplifier is best for you. If you want to get more information about specific makes and models please feel free to visit our recommended online sources.

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acoustic guitars

Wanna play classical, country or folk music?

The acoustic guitar is the standard for all guitars. When people hear the word “guitar” they instantly think of an acoustic guitar.
The modern acoustic guitars as we know them evolved during the nineteenth century and haven’t changed much since then.

The acoustic guitar is really one of the most versatile instrument available and can be heard in almost any music genre. It’s perfect for playing classical music, blues or flamenco, folk or country. Even genres like pop and rock can’t do without this instrument.
No matter what genre music, the acoustic guitar is always at it’s place.

The term “acoustic” guitar applies for all guitars which are non-amplified. Basically it means any guitar with steel or nylon strings. You can play an accoutic guitar with your fingers (like most classical players) or use a plectrum.

The overall sound of an acoustic guitar is rich and warm. Using steel strings gives you more volume over nylon strings. With nylon strings you will get a more warm tone. Classical guitars are mostly played with nylon strings, as spanish guitars and country guitars are moste played on with steel strings.

On the internet you can find lot’s of great internet stores who sell quality acoustic guitars of many recognized brand names. Manufacturers like Gibson, Takamine, Ibanez etc, make quality instruments which will last a lifetime.

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bass guitars

The Bass Guitar, the heartbeat of music!

Can you inmagine your favorite music without bass? Nope, you can’t!
The bass guitar produces the heartbeat of music, it provides that deep, warm sounding groove which is essential for glueing all other instruments together and to keep the rhythm.

The bass guitar, together with the drums, are the backbone of music.

The bass guitar is an evolved version of the standup double bass (a cousin of the violin family). It is electrified and unlike the electric upright bass, it is designed to be held like a guitar.

The shape of a bass guitar is very similar to the guitar but with a longer neck, is equiped with thicker strings and their pitch is tuned lower. Bass guitars are available with fretted necks and fretless necks.
Because they have build in pickups, you can just like the electric guitar play them through an amplifier.

Choosing your ideal bass guitar

Introduced for mass production by Leo Fender in the early fifties, the electric bass has become a standard component in many music styles, from rock, country to blues and funk. So no matter what kind of music you prefer to play, a bass guitar is always in place.

When you are about to purchase a bass guitar you will have to choose between a whole variety of brands, including big names like Fender, Gibson, ESP, Washburn, Ibanez and many more.

Since all of these respected manufacturers build quality bass guitars it is often ones personal taste and preference which guitar is bought.
Little things like shape, color, finish can make the difference in choosing your ideal bass guitar. Do you wish for a basis 4-string bass or maybe a 6-string bass guitar? Do you want it with a fretted neck or do you prefer a fretless neck? Most recognized manufacturers have these models available in their product range.

Of all available online guitar stores we have made a selection for you of a few who provide you with the best value for money.

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electric guitars

Wanna be the next Eddy Van Halen..??

The electric guitar is by far the most popular instrument in modern music. It looks cool and sounds great. Due to it’s versatilty it is used in all kinds of music, from jazz to blues, from punk to rock and metal.
In this section we will give you some brief information about music’s number one instrument, the electric guitar.

How to pick your ideal guitar

When you are serious about learning to play the guitar you first have to choose a guitar that suits your needs. There are a lot of quality brands, makes and models available. Big names like Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Martin, BC Rich and Jackson are perfect examples of manufacturers who have been around for a long time and they all produce very high quality guitars.
On the internet you can find a lot of online music stores who are more than willing to help you decide which guitar is the perfect one for you!

Archtop , solid body , 6 string, 7 string guitars, all types of guitars are easy found on the web. All of these instruments will give you years and years of musical pleasure and it doesn’t matter if you wanna be the next famous guitar virtuoso or just play it for fun and hobby.

Due to it’s perfect body structure the electric guitar can be played through an amplifier which is great if you want to get to a level of playing in a band and want other people enjoy your music.

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Guitar Cases

Guitar Cases – To Protect Your Investment

Guitar cases are a must-have to protect your guitar. When you have paid your hard earned money to get you the guitar of your dreams, a guitar case or a gigbag is the best and safest way to protect it from getting damaged.

There are mainly two different types of guitar cases, hardshell cases and soft gigbags. Each one does his job very well and that is to protect your guitar from dust, scratches and other damages. When you have to take your guitar outside your house, to go jammin’ with your friends ar maybe to a gig, your guitar will defenately needs some protection.

Your Guitar Is Worth It..!

Your precious guitar deserves protection! There are several quality brands of guitar cases and gigbags available. A lot of guitar manufacturers produce them theirselves. When you buy a more expensive guitar it is likely you will get a quality guitar case with it.
If not, you should really consider buying one!

Gigbags and especially hardshell cases come into different shapes and designs. There are hard cases especially made for bass guitars, electric and acoustic guitars. One can also find cases especially made for a specific guitar model and you can find many universal cases who will fit any guitar.

Buying a guitar case is really not a big deal, they are not very expensive and they all look more or less the same. As long as their quality is good that should be not a problem.
The most important fact remains that if you want to protect your guitar, there is no better way then to get a gigbag or a hard case for it..!

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Line6 Spider II 112 Guitar Combo Amplifier

This amp is one of the best in the line of digital modeling amps. It follows the Spider I series with a bang. It features a lot of similarities but brings even more to the table. It may seem familiar to you because it seems the company brought many different aspects of other amps to the table and made this one. It has seven different effect types and 3 simultaneous effects. There is a Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Digital Delay, Tape Echo, and Sweep Echo. You can easily change or modify these effects. It is extremely easy to use and also has a front panel tuner, Spring reverb, and a headphone outlet. Another great feature is the Celestion speakers included in the amplifier combo.

This is one powerful amplifier. You can really get the power with the 75 watt amp and 12 inch speaker. It can offer you many different types of sound, depending on the effect you choose, which is great. This is a versatile amplifier that doesn’t ever give up. However, most will say that the sound of this amp is not to be admired. Many say the effects are dry or hollow. In addition, some say there is a lot of back noise through the speaker. However, for the price, you would wonder what they were expecting indeed.

The quality is fair for this amplifier. It really doesn’t hold up as well for most people as one would think. It is not an amp that would really withstand daily playing for an extended period of time. In fact, many consumers will complain that it won’t last even two years.

Value: The value is not great, but not horrendous either. It is not an expensive amp, but you would think it would last a little longer than it typically is known to last. You can find this amp for under $350, which is pretty fair.

The company is usually pretty easy to deal with, however there have been problems if you go over the warranty period of twelve months. Of course, if you go over that warranty period and expect too much, you are crazy in any case. Not many companies will work with you for free after that time period. So, be prepared to pay if you are over the warranty period, or go out and buy something else.

Overall Rating:
Overall, this guitar amplifier gets a score of 7 out of 10. The fact that it can’t be counted on to produce for a significant amount of time is worrisome. Most musicians want equipment that will last more than a year. No one wants to deal with changing out their gear more than that.

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