The Bass Guitar, the heartbeat of music!

Can you inmagine your favorite music without bass? Nope, you can’t!
The bass guitar produces the heartbeat of music, it provides that deep, warm sounding groove which is essential for glueing all other instruments together and to keep the rhythm.

The bass guitar, together with the drums, are the backbone of music.

The bass guitar is an evolved version of the standup double bass (a cousin of the violin family). It is electrified and unlike the electric upright bass, it is designed to be held like a guitar.

The shape of a bass guitar is very similar to the guitar but with a longer neck, is equiped with thicker strings and their pitch is tuned lower. Bass guitars are available with fretted necks and fretless necks.
Because they have build in pickups, you can just like the electric guitar play them through an amplifier.

Choosing your ideal bass guitar

Introduced for mass production by Leo Fender in the early fifties, the electric bass has become a standard component in many music styles, from rock, country to blues and funk. So no matter what kind of music you prefer to play, a bass guitar is always in place.

When you are about to purchase a bass guitar you will have to choose between a whole variety of brands, including big names like Fender, Gibson, ESP, Washburn, Ibanez and many more.

Since all of these respected manufacturers build quality bass guitars it is often ones personal taste and preference which guitar is bought.
Little things like shape, color, finish can make the difference in choosing your ideal bass guitar. Do you wish for a basis 4-string bass or maybe a 6-string bass guitar? Do you want it with a fretted neck or do you prefer a fretless neck? Most recognized manufacturers have these models available in their product range.

Of all available online guitar stores we have made a selection for you of a few who provide you with the best value for money.