Guitar Accessories – Everything You’ll Ever Need

There are many guitar accessories available for your instrument. Some of them you will need, other you don’t.
When it comes to accessories think of picks, slides, straps, guitar tuners, stands, cables, pickups, music stands, cleaning and care products and so on.

Many of these accessories are not expensive but can be very handy. Just think for example how easy it is to put your guitar on a stand after playing, rather than putting it in the corner of your room against the wall…

Which guitar accessories do you need?

When you are serious about your guitar, you can’t do without a quality guitar stand. You just owe it to your instrument! Even cleaning products are important for keeping your investment in good shape.

Of course you will need some picks, but the need for capos and slides all depend on your playing style. A strap comes in handy if you want to play your guitar while standing and maybe even play life in front of a crowd.

If you want to play right of sheet music, well…a good music stand would be a good idea. You can’t do without some cables if you like to play through an amplifier and a guitar tuner is great for beginners who don’t yet have the ability to tune their guitar “by ear”.

As you can see, some accessories you will defenately need and others you don’t.

Guitar pickups

Pickups are a story on their own. Not only do you have to buy new pickups when they are broken, which will not happen normally, but changing pickups will give your guitar a complete other tone.
How about changing your single coil pickups for some screaming humbuckers..? Wow, how’s that for a change!