Wanna be the next Eddy Van Halen..??

The electric guitar is by far the most popular instrument in modern music. It looks cool and sounds great. Due to it’s versatilty it is used in all kinds of music, from jazz to blues, from punk to rock and metal.
In this section we will give you some brief information about music’s number one instrument, the electric guitar.

How to pick your ideal guitar

When you are serious about learning to play the guitar you first have to choose a guitar that suits your needs. There are a lot of quality brands, makes and models available. Big names like Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Martin, BC Rich and Jackson are perfect examples of manufacturers who have been around for a long time and they all produce very high quality guitars.
On the internet you can find a lot of online music stores who are more than willing to help you decide which guitar is the perfect one for you!

Archtop , solid body , 6 string, 7 string guitars, all types of guitars are easy found on the web. All of these instruments will give you years and years of musical pleasure and it doesn’t matter if you wanna be the next famous guitar virtuoso or just play it for fun and hobby.

Due to it’s perfect body structure the electric guitar can be played through an amplifier which is great if you want to get to a level of playing in a band and want other people enjoy your music.