This amplifier is one to rave about. It is one that shows what Fender tone is all about. It is reliable and has 100 watts pushed through 2 12-inch Fender Special Design drivers.
It has three channels and an on-board spring reverb. A mid contour switch is also included, which is very interesting as well. Another great thing about the Fender FM212R Guitar Amplifier is that it looks great.
It is all black, with a black control panel, vinyl covering, and grille cloth. The hardware is chrome and adds to the sleek look many players desire. It also comes with a two button footswitch.

The sound this amp produces is nothing to mess with. It is Fender all the way. The quality and tone are irreplaceable. It has great power to push the sound and it does so effortlessly. It has a lot of power and some have complained it can be overbearing.
In addition, it can offer too much feedback at times. Overall however, if you use it right, you can get an amazing quality of sound from this Fender FM212R Guitar Amp.

The quality has Fender written all over it. This is an amp that will last for years, even if you abuse it accidentally. You can literally play this amp every night for ten years and it will still be rock solid. That is just the Fender name pulling it along. You can bet this thing wonÂ’t break within the first few years of playing.
Of course, if it does, you can also bet Fender will help you get it taken care of. That is just the Fender way and that is why they are the best of the best.

At less than $400, this amp is worth the cost. It is something that will give you a lot of power for less money than you would think. If you want something fancier, it is not the amp for you. However, if you like the easy simplicity and tone of Fender, you need this amp for sure, no matter how much you pay for it.

As always, Fender products are backed with a great guarantee and an even more amazing support staff. You can really get through when you need to and you will get top notch service whenever you need assistance. The support team is partially the reason this company has been at the top for so many years running.

Overall Rating:
The amp is solid and durable. It offers great tone and the Fender sound. Overall, it deserves a rating of 8 out of 10. It is easy to use and offers that great simplicity you expect from Fender.