Guitar Amplifiers – “Let’s Get Loud!”

Wanna get loud…? Plug your guitar into a guitar amplifier and crank up the volume! When playing an electric or bass guitar the first must-have is a decent amplifier. They will ensure that the music you play has the quality sound you want.

Because of the wide range of amplifiers available, picking the right one which suits your needs is definately not easy. Therefore we have done some research for you to make things easier.

Well known brand names like Marshall, Crate, Hughes & Kettner, Randall, Line6 and Mesa Boogie all produce top notch quality products and are easy to find when visiting online music stores.

Before we recommend a few good music stores where you can get all the detailled information about you favorite amp lets look at the different kinds of guitar amps availabe.

Which guitar amplifier is best for you?

Guitar amplifiers come in two main forms and in four different types.
The first form is the combo amplifier, which contains both the amplifier and the loudspeakers in one single unit. This kind of amplifier is often very compact and therefor very portable and easy to transport.
The other form is an amplifier stack, which consists of a separate amplifier and one or more separate loudspeakers (cabinets). They are connected to each other with cables. The main advantage of a stack over a combo is that with a stack you can use more loudspeakers and thus have more overall volume.

The first type of amplifier is the solid state amplifier, which uses transistors for thier preamp and power sections. This makes them very reliable. Solid state amplifiers rarely need repairs. These amps produce a very clean tone and are great for using in combination with sound effects.

The second type are tube amplifiers. These are powered by vacuum tubes and produce a more fat and distinct tone compared to solid state amplifiers.
They are more expensive and difficult to repair, but their tone is preffered by many musicians.

Another type is the hybrid amplifier. This kind of guitar amp combines the best of the former two types into one amplifier. They use a transistor in the power section and tubes in the preamp section. This construction will give you tht tone of a tube amplifier and the endurability of a solid state amp.

The fourth and last type are the modeling amplifiers. These kind of amp are quite new on the market compared to the former three. They use digital processors to simulate the tone and sound of many different kind of amplifiers. They have often many build in digital effects like chorus, flanger, delay, compression etc. They are an all-in-one package and great to play around with.

We know it is hard to determine which guitar amplifier is best for you. If you want to get more information about specific makes and models please feel free to visit our recommended online sources.