Guitar Effects – To Create Your Own Tone

Guitar effects are cool! They provide you with all the tools to create all kinds of sound effects to adjust or alter your tone. They will help you getting that unique tone you are looking for. Having “your own sound” is something every musician wants, it sets you apart from the rest!

When you are looking for extra sound effects or maybe you are looking for your first ever effects processor, you will find there are dozens of different effects available. So before choosing your new effect pedal, you must know what kind of effect you’re looking for.

Single, or Multi Effects..?

Guitar effect units are available in many forms, powerfull muliieffect rack units, multi-effect floor units and simple single effect stomp boxes.

Digital effects have been on the market for many years, however over the recent years they have stepped into a new realm of digital modeling.
Some amplifier manufacturers have even included digital effect in their amplifiers (digital modeling amplifiers). Good examples are the range of amplifiers produced by companies like Line6, Yamaha and Digitech.

So before choosing the perfect effect unit, you must know what you want. There are so many effect available, like chorus, flanger, vibrato, delay, compression, tremolo, swell and many others. Most of these units are solid build, especially the stompboxes and floor units. In most cases they will last you a lifetime.

The main advantage of a multi effect unit over a single effect unit is not only that you will get a dozen of effect is one unit, but you’ll also have the possibility to combine different effects together. This will give you almost unlimited options in creating your own sound and tone!