Guitar Strings – Can’t Live Without Them.

What tires are for your car, are strings for your guitar..! As guitars are all stringed instruments, the guitar strings are an essential part of the guitar. And not only for the guitar itself (how would you play your guitar without any strings on it..?) but also for the sound of it.

Some top manufacturers of guitar strings are D’Addario, Ernie Ball, GHS, Fender, Gibson, Dean Markley and Martin & Co. They all produce top quality strings and can be bought with almost every music store.

Don’t under estimate the importance of using top quality strings. Many experienced players will agree that using new strings will noticably improve the sound of their guitar. This fact is often overlooked by guitarists. Before blaming your guitar, pickups or you amp for having a bad sound, you really should consider to try out a new set of strings. You will be amazed with the result!