This amp is one of the best in the line of digital modeling amps. It follows the Spider I series with a bang. It features a lot of similarities but brings even more to the table. It may seem familiar to you because it seems the company brought many different aspects of other amps to the table and made this one. It has seven different effect types and 3 simultaneous effects. There is a Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Digital Delay, Tape Echo, and Sweep Echo. You can easily change or modify these effects. It is extremely easy to use and also has a front panel tuner, Spring reverb, and a headphone outlet. Another great feature is the Celestion speakers included in the amplifier combo.

This is one powerful amplifier. You can really get the power with the 75 watt amp and 12 inch speaker. It can offer you many different types of sound, depending on the effect you choose, which is great. This is a versatile amplifier that doesn’t ever give up. However, most will say that the sound of this amp is not to be admired. Many say the effects are dry or hollow. In addition, some say there is a lot of back noise through the speaker. However, for the price, you would wonder what they were expecting indeed.

The quality is fair for this amplifier. It really doesn’t hold up as well for most people as one would think. It is not an amp that would really withstand daily playing for an extended period of time. In fact, many consumers will complain that it won’t last even two years.

Value: The value is not great, but not horrendous either. It is not an expensive amp, but you would think it would last a little longer than it typically is known to last. You can find this amp for under $350, which is pretty fair.

The company is usually pretty easy to deal with, however there have been problems if you go over the warranty period of twelve months. Of course, if you go over that warranty period and expect too much, you are crazy in any case. Not many companies will work with you for free after that time period. So, be prepared to pay if you are over the warranty period, or go out and buy something else.

Overall Rating:
Overall, this guitar amplifier gets a score of 7 out of 10. The fact that it can’t be counted on to produce for a significant amount of time is worrisome. Most musicians want equipment that will last more than a year. No one wants to deal with changing out their gear more than that.